Temporary Closure

Mudo Academy Taekwondo update Monday, April 6th, 2020.

An Important message from Master Dean Iacobucci.

Due to the Covid-19 virus pandemic and the on-going need for physical distancing, MuDo Academy will continue to be closed until further notice. This closure applies to our Brampton, Caledon and Toronto locations.

All MUDO Academy programs, evening and weekend classes, promotion test, tournaments and events are cancelled/ postponed. Competitor classes will be rescheduled and credits will be given for cancelled tournaments. We will not be open for any after-school programs or drop offs.

Brampton Memberships:

All Members will have lost classes commencing Saturday March 14, 2020 – will be added to the end of their expiry dates. Our members are asked to renew their memberships as they fall due on their anniversary dates. Families that are experiencing financial difficulties will receive deferrals on a case by case basis. Emails and text reminders will be sent to those with upcoming membership renewal dates. Please respond to our communications.

Caledon Memberships: Memberships will be extended for the number of classes that have been cancelled commencing Saturday, March 14, 2020.

Toronto Location: The Toronto Medical Officer has announced the closing of all Recreation Centres. Regarding classes that start in the coming months; we will be in touch close to that date with information about registration.

After school program fees that were paid for March [March 23 to March 31st] will be credited toward future dated programs.

Memberships and After school program fees:

E-transfers to masterdean@mudoacademy will be our method of payment.

Our head instructors, AI’s along with our Student Activity Committee and Teen Spirit Organizers are our front line providers that we count on for the safe and smooth operation of our programs. We need to ensure that everyone is safe and we need to do everything in our power to protect our families.

Students are encouraged to keep up their stretching while at home. If you know your patterns -practice them at home. Put on your uniform and belt so that you are in the mindset of MuDo!

Remember to work on your belt syllabus:

White belt: front kick, shuffle side kick, chop kick and roundhouse kick.

Yellow belt: sliding kicks

Green belt: Tornado and 360 degree kicks/ spinning heel kick (watch the lamps)

Blue belt: jump back kicks and double step sliding side kick

Red belt: butterfly and jump tornado kicks

Black belts: refine all above!

Be diligent in your hand washing, covering your sneezes and coughs and take care of each other.

physical distancing does not mean not to communicate. If Anyone has any questions, comments or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me.