Rules and Regulations

Please carefully read the Rules and Regulations regarding the Martial Arts program. Remember, you will be participating in a Martial Arts School. Students under the age of 18 years old are asked to carefully consider these Rules and Regulations with their parents/guardians as they will form part of the Student Enrollment Application.

  1. Bow to Master Instructors and all Black Belts when met. Bowing should be in a standing position with hands on the side of the body, while lowering the head and looking down, bend at least 45 degrees. A deeper and longer duration bow should be adhered to when bowing to high ranking Black Belts (4th Degree and up).
  2. Upon entering or leaving the training area (dojang), bow to the flags when displayed or to the Master Instructor or Instructor in charge of the class.
  3. No profanity or loud talking.
  4. Students must maintain a serious attitude at all times.
  5. Never address others while standing with hands on the hips or hands folded in front. This shows a lack of respect for the other person.
  6. Discipline and proper attitude are the main principles in the training of Martial Arts. In violation of such principles, students will be verbally reprimanded, dismissed or suspended for a period of time upon the sole discretion of the Master Instructor/ Technical Director.
  7. During scheduled class times, parents and friends of students are more than welcome to view the training area. However, Parents and friends are asked to sit quietly in the dojang viewing area, as loud talking and laughter is disruptive to the program. Students are expected to remind their parents and friends of this request when inviting them to the Centre (Please turn all cell phones off).
  8. Students, Parents, and or Guardians are reminded that interfering, bad mouthing, negative comments or any actions harming the morale or spirit of the program, Master instructors, or Black Belt members in regards to the policies, training methods etc. shall result in dismissal. Furthermore, there will not be any refunds of fees for memberships, tests, camps or events.
  9. Comments regarding the program should be addressed to Master Iacobucci or Senior Master Tam in a positive, constructive manner by submitting written suggestions or concerns to
  10. Students must address Master Instructors, Instructors or Black Belts as “Sir” or “Ma’am”.
  11. Any higher rank student is expected to help junior rank students.
  12. Only learn and practice the materials required for your rank and not beyond.
  13. Uniforms (Dobok) must be kept clean, and not wrinkled. Uniforms must be treated with RESPECT. Students will be dismissed from class if their uniform is not fitted properly, if stained, dirty or wrinkled. The uniform is a symbol of Martial Arts; the belt is the badge of your rank. The stripes which indicate your Black Belt rank must be worn on the left side.
  14. Approved Sparring Gear is mandatory for sparring.
  15. Additional rules and regulations may be added at any time.