Class Protocol

  1. When lining up, it is necessary to do so with speed, highest ranking on the right. When students are of the same rank the student receiving his/her rank at the earlier testing would be considered the senior. When students of the same rank have tested at the same time, the older student is considered to be the senior.
  2. Be on the floor as quickly as possible. Do not loaf around once on the training floor. There should be no unnecessary noise or talking.
  3. In the training area, you must turn away from the flags to adjust your uniform.
  4. While sitting in the training area, legs must be crossed at all times.
  5. Proper discipline is to be kept at all times, such as not moving when in position and maintaining full attention to the instructor in charge.
  6. When in a position, you are not to move unnecessarily. When at ease, you may straighten the uniform but are not allowed to walk around, talk, practice techniques etc.
  7. When seeking help before, after class or during a break, if the instructor in charge is occupied or not available, a higher-ranking student should be approached. You must bow before and after asking questions, and thank the instructor by saying, “Thank you sir/ma’am”.
  8. Use Korean terminology whenever possible. Learn them and use them properly.
  9. No protective garments are allowed during basics, patterns practice or pre-arranged sparring.
  10. Permission must be given by the instructor in charge before sparring.
  11. Free sparring must be done with good techniques, precision and control. Mental and physical control must be exercised. Consideration must always be given to junior members. It should be a learning experience for both participants. Participants that wear dental braces must wear mouth guards for free sparring. All students must wear headgear during sparring. When sparring with coloured belts, kicking techniques to the head must be pulled back within two (2) inches of making contact. Actual contact will be deemed as a lack of control.
  12. During pre-arranged or free sparring, talking is to be kept to a minimum. A student should verbally help another only when a major mistake has been made.
  13. Personal hygiene is essential. Fingernails and toenails must be kept trimmed to avoid injury. Body and uniform should be kept clean of odour or you will be dismissed from class.
  14. No jewellery should be worn when training. Jewellery and religious bracelets that can’t be removed should be taped over.
  15. Do not work out if medications have been taken or alcoholic beverages have been consumed prior to class.
  16. No gum chewing during training.
  17. If you need to leave class early, get permission from the instructor in charge, prior to start of the class.
  18. It is not necessary to receive permission to leave the floor if you are ill.
  19. Students are asked to please avoid loafing around the instructor table so that interested patrons may have the opportunity to have their questions and concerns addressed.
  20. Students must be punctual when attending class and promotion tests. No gum chewing during training.