About the Founders

Master Harry Tam Founder and Technical Director –master-tam

Master Harry Tam is a 7th Degree Black Belt and Master Instructor certified by the Kukkiwon in Korea. Master Tam is also a Second Class International Referee since 1996 and a certified Hanmadang International Referee.

Master Tam’s martial arts training began at age 7 when he was tutored by his older brother,  a brown belt in Goju Ryu Karate. Master Tam studied Hung Sing Choi Lee Fut Kung Fu at age 12 while attending high school in Hong Kong. He also studied Judo at the Queen’s College in Hong Kong under Master Wong, a Hong Kong Judo Champion.   Master Tam immigrated to Canada at age 15 and continued with his Judo training at CFB Rockcliffe, YMCA Ottawa and Takahashi Judo Club in Ottawa.  He began training under Master Zhao, a Tai Chi master in Chen, Wu and Yang Styles. Master Chao is also experienced in Dragon Style, Bai Mei and Bei Sing Choi Lee Fut Kung Fu.

Master Tam continued his martial arts training in Taekwondo at age 19 under Grandmaster Tae Eun Lee in Ottawa.  In 1982, Master Tam moved to Brampton and continued his Taekwondo training under Grandmaster Ken Cheung. Master Tam continued to be very active in Taekwondo training and competitions in Canada and United States. Master Tam was a part-time instructor at Cheung’s Taekwondo Mississauga in 1985 and the Head Instructor for Cheung’s Taekwondo Toronto from 1986 to 1988. He travelled to Korea and Taiwan with Grandmaster Cheung in 1987 for specialized training in Hapkido and Taekwondo.

Master Tam began his referee training in 1981 and earned his third class National Referee credential. He continued to compete and referee and eventually earned his First Class National Referee in 1985. In 1992, Master Tam obtained his Third Class International Referee in Colorado Springs, Colorado and graduated to Second Class in 1996. Master Tam was also the Chief Examiner for referees for the Ontario Taekwondo Association where he travelled throughout Ontario with Master Ben Wu to educate and test Ontario referees. In 2008, Master Tam and many of the Cheung’s Taekwondo members travelled through China for special training at the Shaolin Temple, WuDong Mountain and the Kukkiwon in Korea.

Although Master Tam is involved in Taekwondo for the past 30 years, he continues with his Tai Chi and Kung Fu training on his own as he is very passionate about all oriental martial arts.

Master Dean Iacobucci Founder and Chief Instructor –master-iacobucci Proudly teaching the martial arts community since 1988.

Master Dean Iacobucci, a 6th Dan Black Belt certified by the Kukkiwon in Seoul, South Korea has been a student of Grand Master Cheung and Master Tam since 1986.  In 1988, he started his own Taekwondo program at Annette Community Centre (Toronto West). He had nurtured over 60 Black Belts up to 5th Degree Black Belt level. Master Iacobucci has built Taekwondo programs in Toronto at High Park Montessori, Brown Community Centre, and Stan Wadlow Clubhouse. In Brampton, he built programs at South Fletcher Sportsplex, Century Gardens and Loafer’s Lake Community Centre. He has assisted Grand Master Cheung in Guyana, Grenada and Barbados to conduct Taekwondo seminars and Black Belt testing in 2003. Master Iacobucci was invited to teach at Cheung’s Taekwondo in Brampton by Grand Master Cheung as the Chief Instructor for 1 year in 1996-1997.

In March 2005 Master Iacobucci moved the Taekwondo program from Annette Recreation Centre to a new location. St. Paul’s Community Centre housed the Bloor West Village location.  After twenty years of running a Cheung’s Taekwondo Chapter, Grandmaster Cheung designated Master Iacobucci to re-brand his school under his own crest. January 2008 marked the official birth of Iacobucci’s Taekwondo Academy.

In January 2007, Master Iacobucci started another location under the Iacobucci’s Taekwondo Academy Chapter- held at Armour Heights Community Centre. Mr. Steve O’Brien is the Head instructor at this location, starting students at the age of 5 years old. In 2008 Master Iacobucci travelled to China and Korea with a group of Cheung’s Taekwondo where the club members participated in training at the Shaolin Temple, WuDong Mountain and the Kukkiwon in Korea.

In April of 2011, Master Iacobucci moved the Bloor West Village Operation to Brampton and co-founded MuDo Academy with Master Tam. In February 2014, Master Iacobucci relocated MuDo Academy to a new location in Brampton and made the decision to teach Taekwondo on a full- time basis. In June of 2019, MuDo expanded to Caledon-Southfields Village, where classes are offered on Mondays and Saturdays at Simply Play.

A dedicated husband and father, Master Iacobucci continues to pursue his lifelong dream- to build a Martial Arts Brand based on Personal and Quality Instruction. Taekwondo Classes are offered in Brampton, Toronto and Caledon. MuDo’s main headquarters are at 12 Rutherford Road South Unit 2 (South/East corner of Queen Street East and Rutherford Rd South)

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